getting ready for my new position 

Since I do not have an EBD license I will be on a variance this year. I have started the process of re-enrolling at the university where I received my ECSE license. I thought it would be an easy process but I didn’t realize I would have to petition to extend my work on my degree. It makes sense, I just think any type of work someone else is requiring of me in the summer seems like too much. There is a lot for me to do to get ready for next year and to finish up from last year and I know I just need to focus and do it all…but it is still summer ☺️. 

I am currently writing an action research paper for a class I took through the district last year. It’s due in October but due to the extras being piled on my fall plate it is in my best interest to finish this paper soon. I am also working on getting music therapy for my students next year. I’ve had music therapists in my classroom the last two years and it’s amazing to see the results they get. I’m also working on reading a couple of curricula to prepare for next year including the Mind Up curriculum and The Incredible Flexible You. I will do posts on the different curricula in the future. 

I’m also teaching summer school for four weeks this summer, attending a 4 day Responsive Classroom training and a 2 day literacy training. It is one packed summer.

So, I am hoping that the reasoning I wrote up for my petition to extend my time on my degree is accepted and I can check that off my list.


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