reflecting on the positive moments…

This  week has been rough. My body is currently achey. My hands are sore, my shoulders hurt…I won’t be surprised if there are bruises on my shins. And there is still one more day. But a lot of little moments have happened over the last 3 days that make me smile.

  • When I handed out multi-colored goldfish for snack on Tuesday one of my students came up with the brilliant idea all on his own to put them into AB patterns and told the group to do the same. So, I guess they are learning something I’m teaching.
  • I was ecstatic when I asked the students, what part of their peers brain helped him remember an answer and one of my kindergarteners replied proudly, “The hippocampus!”
  • Today after dealing with a student for close to an hour probably…after being kicked repeatedly by him, being told that I want to hurt kids, putting my hand between the wall/floor/door he was slamming his head into, hearing how much he “hates this school!” and doing a two person carry to get him out to and onto his bus…after all that he stood up on his bus seat and threw his arms around me in a big hug.
  • Another student who was having a very challenging day today sat with me and we built the tallest tower we could out of bristle blocks. We felt proud together.

It’s not been an all bad week. I remind myself of this often. I also need to remind the aides in my room who often look like they’ve lost all hope and we’re only 3 weeks in. My goal is to stay positive, every day, walk in that door with a smile and greet all of the people in my classroom as if we are all ready for a successful day. (That doesn’t mean I might not cry at the end of my day or that any of this is easy but I believe in these kids and I’m starting to believe in me.)


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