a good day

Yesterday I had to send a student home early. He was being unsafe and hurting staff. When his mom came to get him I had a chance to talk with her. My student gravitated towards me as his mother and I talked. He sat next to me and accepted me touching his head and rubbing his back a bit while we talked. While talking it came out that he likes to play on the “tablet”. I told him I have an iPad with games and he could earn it the next day.

Today I scrambled to make a point sheet so we could get started earning the iPad. I sectioned the point sheet into 8 sections, 5 of which were “I can” statements about the activities in the afternoon schedule and 3 of them were “I can” statements about behavior that would be expected throughout the afternoon. I told him he would need to earn 6 out of the 8 points and I had fun stickers to use for the points. Why did I choose 6? Well, it felt like a good number and I couldn’t find anyone at the time to consult with.

I presented the point sheet to him when he arrived and hoped it would be successful. He began earning points quickly by participating and completing each activity. He had a bit of a challenging time during silent reading-tearing up one of my books and yelling, “Your a meanie” at me repeatedly- but overall he did exceptionally well. I sat with him and went through each part of the point sheet before he started on the iPad. It was his most successful day yet. 😊 And I feel like it may have been one of my more successful days too.

Tomorrow is another day.


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