what a day!


Today was quite the day. My room was tore up more than it’s ever been. A student pushed over a shelf that’s got to weigh over…100, maybe 150…pounds. And part of it broke. Counting bears, little Legos, counting squares, dominoes, markers and colored pencils were thrown all over. A book was ripped and a bunch of papers were too. Lots of my furniture was written on.

At one point I left the classroom with all of the students who were ready to learn and moved to a space where we could learn. Two students were ready. Two out of eight.

But, I stayed late. I sat through a special ed meeting that went until 4 and then I headed back to my room. Not only did I need to clean all of that up but I needed to put up my levels so that tomorrow students can see how they are doing and what privileges they have earned.

In the process of cleaning I got an idea to have morning jobs. I sat down and made a job chart on the Promethean. We will start with that tomorrow after breakfast. When the engineer came in to clean my floor I asked him if he had any jobs My students could do. He mentioned picking up the recycling. What a great idea! Tomorrow I plan to talk to the principal about it.

I feel like it’s not that I’m lacking in ideas…it’s just that my brain can’t always retrieve them or there never seems to be the time to execute them. In my fourth year of teaching autism I was starting to feel like I had a handle on some parts of what I was doing. Now I feel like there’s all these eyes on me and all this pressure to be at a level it took me 4 years to get to in autism. Maybe the pressure is from me…but I do need to teach these students. When are we going to practice reading? Science? Math? Social Studies? I don’t want them to fall more behind than they are.

I guess at least I got my levels up and I’ve got the jobs idea. Also stocked up at Target with some goodies.

Tomorrow is another day, right?


One thought on “what a day!

  1. Keep going, Beth. Yes, it is hard,but like I said last night, these kids have so much that has affected their lives already. Just keep hanging in there and loving them.
    I can’t believe that the administration expects these kids to learn social studies….. in kindergarten and first grade? I think they will be lucky for these kids to read and do some simple math.
    I believe in you, Beth! You will be able to do this……… one day at a time or if needed, one minute at a time.
    Love you!!!


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