full of ideas

I’m grateful to have so many supportive people at work. Sometimes though, when the ideas come at you at such a pace it’s a little overwhelming. Today I received ideas about calming strategies to use with my students (many of which I am trying to implement already). I also received ideas on planning simple activities for one student so that he could learn to work independently and earn more frequent reinforcers. Oh, and to make a personal visual schedule for him. There were also ideas about my lesson planning, visuals and other supports. Ideas of how to use the aides in my class.

All of these ideas were great and I believe they would help but the majority of them required prep work. At one point I said that. I told them it all sounded good but I’m already struggling to leave work before 6 on a daily basis.

I need a secretary or something who I can delegate all this stuff to.

One success today is that we did the levels for our morning choice time. 3 students were in the green or our “super hero” level. They chose the iPad. The rest were in the red or our “sticky situation ” level. Their only choices were coloring or reading a book. We had some big behaviors around this realization but some of the students were able to figure out that they needed to stay calm in order to get to the “super hero ” level for the afternoon choice time.

Our levels:

Everyone starts on yellow. It’s up to them to stay there or do a great job and move to green. I’m trying to increase my consistency with this and hoping for positive results. It seems to be working exceptionally well in the 2nd-3rd grade room.

Our minions for the levels:

Some stuff my students have been making:



One thought on “full of ideas

  1. It will come together. You are working hard to make it work and you will reap the benefits of all this hard work sooner than later.
    I wish I could be your “secretary”………. love you!


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