hit the wall today

I hit the wall almost as soon as I arrived at work. I’ve started each day so far on a positive note, with faith that we would do some good. Today I just didn’t have it. And the running and the fighting started before we even got to the classroom. I literally had a student holding the door as a helper while throwing punches at the air like he was warming up for the fights to come.

Currently we are eating both breakfast and lunch in my room because my students have not shown themselves to be safe and responsible in the lunchroom or in the transitions from the lunchroom. Breakfast went okay today. Not great. But then it started. Pencils were thrown instead of being sharpened. And it seemed to snowball from there. Students ran from the room and fought most of the morning. I managed to transition 4 of them to media and eventually start my prep 20 minutes late.

When they came back from media it got worse. I was able to get 3 or 4 of them to sit with me and do math and we had 2 others doing math at another table with an SEA. I decided that those doing their work would earn extra outside time and the others who thought they were hilarious as they hit each other with mats and climbed on shelves would not earn any extra time.

As soon as the ones doing their math went outside the others (most of them) came to the table to do their math. Problem was they procrastinated and complained so much they not only worked through extra outside time but they missed recess too. I don’t like to have students miss recess. They need it. But they also need to learn.

After recess all of the students had to work together cleaning the room before they could have lunch. After lunch there was testing in a computer lab. Some students went and others who were not handling themselves stayed back. As the afternoon progressed it fell into more and more chaos. At one point I decided to remove all chairs. I’m tired of them being thrown at people AND hitting people.

At the end of the day this is what I was left with:

This is my Promethean board, not a white board. I scrubbed it for about 10 minutes today and got most of the marker off. 
I decided they need to earn things back.

I have felt exceptionally sad about our chair issue so I made the sentence harsher…15 days of being responsible and safe to earn a chair.

Perhaps a bit overboard. I’m going to change it to 5 days. The sooner we get chairs back the better.

Tonight I relaxed with Chipotle, Nashville and an awesome coloring book my mom gave me. And now I’m off to sleep.


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