small accomplishments

I only had 6 at a time today. Overall it was an exceptional day. In the morning we sat together for morning meeting followed by our mind/body group. I decided to read A Boy and A Bear again. I’ve read it a couple of times where I’ve had the students sit up and look at the pictures. I’ve also done it a few times where they lay on their backs and listen breathing along with the bear and the boy.

Today it did not go so well. It was like every single one of them had ants in their pants and they could not settle in. I began to feel frustrated and somewhat embarrassed in front of my peers as I tried to plod forward with what I had planned. I realized though that sometimes I felt restless and maybe this wasn’t the right activity for today. It made me think that I need to learn more relaxation activities to rely on.

The rest of the day I was able to teach and hang out with the kids. I got to talk with one as he ordered his robot stickers into columns on a sheet of paper. He and his friend explained to me who all the robots were including themselves a “married” one and a bad guy. We got to talk about the parts of a book and what it means to all be following “the group plan”. We put numbers in order, worked together to tell time and practiced writing our ‘L’s and ‘K’s. We did the point store and processed through disappointment when we didn’t have enough to buy what we wanted.

If we can have more days like this as we make some changes in numbers, location, and curricula I think we could begin to feel successful, all of us.


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