down to 5

Last Friday we made some changes with students. Four of mine moved up to the 2-3 class and that class became a 1-2 class. I was left with 3 kindergarteners, 2 first graders, and one student moving on to a federal setting 4 program.

This week I started with 5 students. I taught more this week than I have all year. I changed our point store from being a semi-daily activity to only happening on Fridays. And I started to think more about our upcoming move to the new classroom.

Yesterday they got me a sub and I spent the day setting up the classroom. I told the kids on Thursday that there would be a sub on Friday but that I would still be there to run the point store. One of them kept asking us about the water. Would there still be water? He said he wouldn’t come on Friday, he hates subs. For the longest time we couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. Then it hit us, he thought we were talking about a submarine! We cleared that up and he was willing to come to school the next day.

So yesterday with the help of some really great friends we got most of the room set up.

A word wall.

The Zones of Regulation.

The new points/levels with strips below for visual schedules.


“I can…” statements.

The people we made during an activity about people we sometimes get along with and sometimes don’t. The kids have been asking when I’m going to hang these and I’m excited for them to see them hanging in the new room.

So I’m shooting for Tuesday to introduce them to their new classroom.


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