7 days in our new learning space

We entered our learning space 7 days ago. One of my students was very amazed by the space. He kept saying “This is our room?” “This is or table?” “Can I touch that little table?” It was really special. His eyes were sparkling with the newness of it all. He also immediately got on board with keeping the room clean and respecting supplies.

Other students acclimated to the change in their own ways but overall seem to be more respectful of the space. It’s taken me a few days to get the curricula up and running. I’ve been doing the ABC 123 writing curriculum for a week now and I’m really enjoying it. This week I will start Saxon Math and Reading Mastery. They are both scripted curricula and typically I’d not like that but since I don’t have much knowledge around the scope and sequence of teaching these academics these curricula are wonderful! Also, they help with lesson planning because most of the time I can just write Lesson 2 and I’ll know where that is.

I have also started the Zones of Regulation curriculum with the class. We are easing into the zones slowly. They are a lot to take in. I made up hand actions to pair with each zone because I’ve noticed that repetition and actions paired with words really helps my students to retain information.

We are continuing to do the MindUP curriculum and today I taught them about neurons. It was fun for me to hear them repeat back dendrites and nucleus. I found a simple coloring sheet of a neuron and they all seemed to enjoy coloring it and naming the parts. They are starting to at least be able to name parts of their brain and I hope by the end of the year they will be able to talk about what is happening in their brains and bodies and identify what they need to feel regulated.

 We are nearing the end of the Incredible Flexible You curriculum. Today we read Body in the Group. We are going to go over that for a while. I think it will help us in our transitions and when we are in small groups.

We are starting to look and sound like a real classroom and I’m starting to feel like a teacher. 


One thought on “7 days in our new learning space

  1. Beth, I am so proud of you. I know for a time it seemed you were riding a Bucking Bronco but like a great cowboy you hung in there for the required 5 minutes to win. I guess the change of environment made a big difference. Way to go!!!!


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