starting over…again

Today I’m heading home an hour after I had planned to. For the second time this year the assistants in my class have changed. For the first time it’s both of them.

We returned two weeks ago from winter break and it’s taking us time to get back into our routines. Prior to break the 5th grade teacher resigned and the district’s decision was to consolidate our classes going from 4 to 3. In this change I got back one of my students I had previously given to another class the last time we made changes and got two new classroom assistants. The change started today after a 5 day weekend for students.

And now I am left to teach two new adults about how things work in my room, the language we use and what the expectations are. I am having to be more intentional in my lesson plans making sure assistants know what they should be doing every minute of the day. It has been said that this is needed so they never think they have down time. Seriously? Just look around, these kids always need support! But I’ve had to write “support students” repeatedly into my lesson plans.

It’s only the first day. I need to give it time. Honestly though I’m tired of saying that. I’m tired of it being the first day. My room got torn up today and it made me sad. I put so much energy, so much of my time into making that space a true learning space. I know I shouldn’t be attached to the things but I am. I put my heart into for them and it hurts when they tear it to pieces.

Tomorrow is another day. And it’s a Thursday. The week is almost over.


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