Five forever

It’s been over a month since both SEAs were changed in my classroom. Since then one of the new ones I got resigned and the other was moved out of my room. In the first two weeks of the change I only had one of the SEAs assigned to my room there at a time with both of them showing up on the same day once. At the end of those two weeks I requested to get one of my previous SEAs back and the request was granted. Since then she and I have been working hard to problem solve around the changes in behavior that have come up since the change. 

Overall I’ve seen a regression in 5 out of 7 of my students. Some of our changes have helped but it has felt like an uphill battle. When an SEA has to take a 30 minute lunch break and that break needs to be after the students’ lunch because any earlier would be morning it is difficult to come back to our learning space prepared to learn with no consistency in adult support at that time. I have had to stop my community group that I used to run after lunch because they really can’t handle coming in and being a group on the carpet. 

The more I think about the regression I’ve seen the more I can see connections with how different adults who don’t have history and relationships with my students interact with my students. They sometimes trigger behavior that I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s not like they mean to do that but since they don’t know the kids well they can accidentally push the wrong buttons. This work is about relationships first and foremost. 

Over the last two weeks my one constant SEA and I have seen a somewhat return to normal in our room. We still have different adults coming to help from time to time but we are seeing some gains which feels good.    

Great line from this student while we were playing outside the other day and he got stuck in this car, “I should’ve stayed five forever.”




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