trauma: supports and resources in the twin cities 

As a part of my assignment I need to discuss the resources available to educators and families that may be particularly helpful in dealing with trauma. I have decided to include a list here and for those of you who read this blog, please contribute to this list in the comments anything I may have left out.

  • The Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery: The Nursery’s mission is to end child abuse and neglect and create strong healthy families. The Crisis Nursery provides a safe environment, safe and nutritious meals, and time and space for physical activity. Programming available through the Crisis Nursery are a 24-hour Crisis Helpleine which parents or guardians can call when they are in the midst of a crisis and talk with a Family Advocate. Crisis Counseling is another program provided if families decide to bring their children to the Nursery they will receive on-site counseling to help them address their crisis. The Nursery provides Overnight Residential Child Care for up to three nights in a nurturing  non-shaming, developmentally appropriate environment where there is opportunity to address the social and emotional development of vulnerable children who have experienced chronic stress and trauma. They also provided services such as the 4th Day Home Visiting Program, Pediatric Assessment and Mecical Management, and Parent Education and Support Groups.
  • Washburn Center for Children: Washburn’s mission is to help children with social, emotional and behavioral problems, and their families, lead successful lives. Washburn provides services such as Assessment, Outpatient Individual and Family Therapy, Intensive Therapeutic Groups and Home and Commuinity Based Services.
  • PrairieCare: PrairieCare’s mission is to provide every individual patient the psychiatric care they truly need. PrairieCare offers Clinic Services, Needs Assessments, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Inpatet Hospitalization Program, Partial Hospital Program, Behavior Development Program, Healthy Emotions Program, Pediatric Integrative Medicine and Integrated Health and Wellness.
  • Family Enhancement Center: The Family Enhancement Center’s goal is to prevent child abuse and to promote healing among children who have experienced abuse. They provide services such as Individual and Family Therapy, Family Foundations, Solid Starts, Families Moving Forward, Healing Motion, Drumbeat: Building Resilience through Rhythm, and Stranger Danger and Beyond. Stranger Danger and Beyond is a sexual abuse prevention workshop for parents and professionals. Drumbeat is a program that uses drumming to give boys who have experienced trauma an environment for self expression. Healing Motion is mind-body healing techniques for girls affected by sexual abuse. This is an organization that I have not heard about before but I think some of their services sound very interesting. 
  • ToneWorks Music Therapy: ToneWorks serves clients in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs in homes, facilities, schools and at their sites in NE Minneapolis and Burnsville. They offer music therapy, lessons, and classes to facilitate growth and create community. I have been very lucky to work with ToneWorks when I taught in ECSE/ASD and again this year in my EBD classroom. They are phenomenal and its always a pleasure to be a part of their groups.
  • Southside Family Nurturing Center: Southside’s mission is, together with families and Communitieis, we nurture children, build on family strengths and find alternatives to violence. Southside provides a multi-cultural therapeutic preschool program serving children ages 16 months to 5 years with a focus on helping each child develop healthy social, self regulation, and developmental skills as well as academic kindergarten readiness skills. They also offer family programming including home visits, family days and family nights, small group parenting education, individual parenting education, family field trips, crisis intervention and support, community referrals and advocacy, free transportation to all center activities, and home based services for families.

I have not yet read most of these but I am interested in them. I think they may be good resources for educators so I will include them here.

Some good children’s books include:



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