coming to the end

As much as I want this year to be done so that I can relax for a while I am also going to miss those kids SO much! We’ve been doing some fun activities to end the year including a school dance today. They whipped and nae naed all over the place! We had a really great time and I wish I could share the pictures. 

Yesterday they worked for an hour and a half on wood sculptures.

Also, we are making memory books. A couple of students shared that what they like about me is that I put them on super hero. Or there’s this one:

And this:

I like this one: “because she is careful with my stuff ”

And this student felt I needed some color:

This weekend I will write letters to all of them for their books. Some won’t be coming back next year which makes me so sad. It’s amazing all we’ve been through together this year. I love my kids!


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