two days in

Focused on mainstreaming this year I’ve got all my students attending morning meeting with their gen ed peers. So far that’s going well. There’s some pressure to mainstream my new kindergarten student this morning first thing even though both myself and the gen ed teacher aren’t sure that’s the best way to start his day/year. I want my students to feel like their mainstream time is successful so that they want to be there. The first day of kindergarten with 25 other students and many of them having no experience in a classroom can be chaotic and emotional. Is that really the best time to include a student? I really don’t know. I don’t have enough experience with this. 

Monday we came up with classroom guidelines and discussed good choices vs poor choices. Yesterday we assigned super hero jobs and talked about noise level. Today we will work on making our own super heroes. 

It’s Wednesday. First day of kindergarten but 3rd day of school and only two more days until the much needed long weekend.


One thought on “two days in

  1. The “can do” list does not look as much fun as the “can not do” list…….. suggestion …… put something fun on that can do list!


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