aspiring to be culturally responsive 

Reflecting on the first week back…
Am I returning quickly to the way I taught before which is not how I want to teach this year!

Am I teaching in a way that respects and embraces the culture of my students? 

When I tell them to stop calling each other “boy”, that they have names and we should be using those names at school am I imposing a white cultural lenses on their ways of being? Should I not be correcting this language? What if it is being used in a way where it really sounds like they are talking down to one another?

I feel like my lessons for the first week were mostly not very engaging. 

Currently reading For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too by Christopher Emdin and hoping I can do more right than wrong this year. Feeling like if I’m really going to teach in a way that is culturally responsive I’m going to have to be ready to be uncomfortable and know that I will make mistakes. Not really my favorite place to be. I’d prefer to already be perfect at something or at least know what I’m doing. 😬😊

But such is life. And I want to grow and learn this year and that means putting myself in the humble position of saying I don’t know and opening myself to what others can teach me. 


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