moving again

It was only a little over a month ago when I posted “new year, new room“. And now, on almost the last day of September I had to pack up my stuff and move rooms. Again. For those of you who have been following things this will be my 4th classroom in just a little over a year. 

The decision was made on Tuesday at our special ed meeting. The question was raised as to what to do for my class. Their behaviors have been extreme at times and it has been a challenging start to the year. Getting me a mentor is one thing that is being done. He and I have our first meeting next week. Also, there are higher ups coming to my room to observe and provide concrete feedback, ideas, and support. Also, I am really working hard on getting my shit together. Learning. Working with the academic specialists. Got a new data app on the phone to track behavior. I am making progress. 

But, unfortunately that all is not fast enough. You know, because in this country if we do not have immediate results we are not happy. But moving my room again is immediate. So I am to start in that new space tomorrow. 

I was told, “Just move what you need for tomorrow.” But that seems to be wrong to me. If I want students to feel like this is their new learning space and be excited to be there it needs to feel like a classroom. 

I spent four hours after school getting it set up. I am so very blessed to have coworkers who are true friends who stepped up to help. Five people stayed for varying amounts of time and helped me brainstorm what to do with the space, move large and small pieces of furniture and generally made me feel better about the whole thing.

Now it is set up.

Tomorrow I will move some more things and then next week on Tuesday I hope to move all the rest of my stuff. I will settle into this new room. But, if they try to move me again that might be my last day. I don’t think it is fair to have to move my classroom so much. I think that my time would probably be better spent lesson planning, getting curricula, organizing materials, collecting data, working on IEPs, contacting families, completing due process letters, talking with doctors who are calling to ask about students, teaming with outside organizations…..the list goes on and on of all the things that are waiting for me to get to them.

But for now…here’s the new space.

OH! And, since a student broke my SmartBoard AND my computer in the last room I got a new computer today…a laptop! I am excited for the laptop. I think I can keep it much safer than I could a desktop and I can take it home and use it to work from home. So, there were some positives today.

Another positive, only 4 students today and we rocked it overall!


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