I’ve been faced with a lot of challenges lately. The stressors seem to add up. Seem to never end. A kick to the head and a trip to urgent care- no concussion but now to navigate worker’s comp (in my spare time). Starting with a mentor after having such a rough start to the year, knowing I need to learn more to do my job, and then every time he comes to observe I excel and the students are actually quite well behaved and on task…waiting to hear I’m doing fine and I don’t need a mentor. I would be disappointed to hear that as I feel strongly that I need some help. 

Last night I learned that I can’t take my last EBD course next semester and do my clinical practice at the same time. I was then offered the opportunity to take that course now. For 8 Thursdays and 2 Saturdays. And my head swims with how much of the very little time I have that class will eat up. There will be assignments on top of the many hours in class. 

I’m working on turning things around though. If my students can turn their day around after some of the most out of control and impossible mornings then I can turn my year around. Taking some time to focus on my mental health. Visited my doctor. Put in for two days off next week strictly so I can get ahead on lesson plans and paperwork. Planning to join the YWCA this week and go when I can. Taking time to knit in the evenings, which feels so good! Also trying to see the positives.

I have so many people on my side, rooting for me, supporting me. I am truly blessed. I am most grateful to my husband. I can’t imagine how frustrating and painful it is for him to hear my stories of being punched and kicked by students or not always being provided the best support. I know driving me to urgent care to check for a concussion was very hard. But, he stands by me. Makes my lunches and breakfasts for the next day. Listens when I complain. Let’s me cry when it all becomes too much and constantly tells me I’m doing a great job. I don’t know how I’d make it without him. 

Today is actually Karva Chauth, Husbands Day and I hope he knows how grateful I am to him for standing by me in all my crazy. Today also starts MEA. Conferences today and then Thursday and Friday off. Time to recharge and get a little ahead with things.


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