Tonight I compiled data on one of my students for his IEP meeting tomorrow. I have looked over his academic goals and data and I know I want to refine the focus of them in order to work more intentionally on them and progress him more quickly. 

I looked at his behavior data too. What struck me about that data is how well he has been doing over the last two weeks as he has been taking his meds. It is pretty phenomenal, the difference. Cursing has gone from a daily occurrence to nonexistent. Instead of being off task, angry and hurtful towards others often he is helping adults, offering to support his peers so that they can be successful and completing the majority of tasks (both academic and non-academic) on time.

I then got the idea to insert the same timeframe of data for another student whose placement in my program I have questioned all year. The results seem clear to me. This student has hardly dropped below 70% in positive points. I feel like this is undeniable evidence that this student should NOT be in a federal 3 setting. 

I looked at data from all of my students and there’s been a lot of progress for most of them this year except for one. His data is very discrepant from the others and I’m starting to think maybe its not working for him in this setting. 


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