evidence based

Tonight I went to a gallery walk of evidence based practices for autism. I went to support a coworker and ended up getting some ideas for my classroom and seeing ASD and ECSE people I had not seen in some time. Overall it was a pretty good event. It made me think though. There is nothing like this for our district’s EBD programming. 

When I taught early childhood autism I felt like I was part of a community that extended beyond my team at my school. I received updates through an ECSE listserv as well as through an ASD one. I continue to receive those emails but nothing has been added since I changed what disability category I teach. This really frustrates me. And perhaps enough for me to do something about it next year. EBD teachers should know one another. They should have opportunities to get together, share ideas, share stories and provide support for one another. This has been coming up often for me. Mabye now that I’m done with school its time to take a step towards making it happen.

Some ideas from the night-

Five Point Scale calming bottles. These were a make and take so I made and took. I think I might make these with my students near the beginning of the year next year. 

I also spoke with an occupational therapist who is doing groups with the zones of regulation. She inspired me to spend some time this summer planning to implement zones in my classroom next year.

A Zones book is their first lesson paired with video clips of characters representing the different zones..

My Many Colored Days

Finally I spoke with a guy who works with middle school students and he had an emotional check-in/check out sheet that I think I could tweak to meet my students’ needs.

He also uses Greatness Receipts which are a lot like brag tags. I think my students would enjoy brag tags. He lets them put all Greatness Receipts earned into a drawing at the end of the week to win a prize. I’ve always been interested in trying out the brag tags. Maybe next year is the year.


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